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We Are So Sorry To Let You Know That You Have Missed The Founding Members Launch!

But There's Also Great News! You will still be able to join once we reopen the membership!

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Nurses are scared.

Now Just Doing Your Job Or Making A Mistake Could Land You In Jail. 

As a nurse who has worked as a Legal Nurse Consultant, and had other roles in healthcare that included developing policies and procedures and risk management activities, I want to share what I've learned to help you minimize your risks and help you feel better on the job. We'll do this by analyzing real world cases and publicly available information to do so. 

Nurses are looking for options. 

Some have decided to leave the traditional role for nurses behind.  

What options might exist for nurses who want to leverage their skills and knowledge in some other way?  We want to highlight some options, give you some contacts, resources, and choices to help you find another way to use what you've worked so hard to acquire and still help people if that's what you want. 

Nurses are looking for a community.

Nurses are craving a chance to connect with those who understand their concerns. 

Anyone who has been a nurse for any length of time, can tell you that we are a unique bunch. Only we really understand the sacrifices, the struggles, the joys, and the tears our profession can offer. As part of the membership we want to offer a way to discuss issues, offer tools, self-care activities, resources, or opportunities and even some surprises!

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